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~Best of| Venice | Carpi ~
~ Tuscany & Florence ~
~ Rome | Wraparounds ~

Sara Ogiony and Peter Carpi took a trip to Italy in September 2009.
We spent two days each in Venice, Tuscany, and Rome.

You can see more photos from the trip by navigating among the links above.

Panorama of Venice

Gondoliers in Venice

Venetian Gondolas

Sara Beth Ogiony, a.k.a. Sabe, in Venice

Peter Carpi in Venice

A canal in Venice

Sara Ogiony being goofy

A crowded street in Venice

A piazza in Venice

Peter Carpi and Sara Ogiony

Sabe on a walk

There are signs everywhere that lead you back to Piazza San Marco

A Venetian river

View from Rialto Bridge at dusk

View from Rialto Bridge at dusk

Alley outside our hotel

From Venice we drove southwest to the town of Carpi on our way to Tuscany:

A news stand in Carpi, Italy

The main square in Carpi, Italy

While in Tuscany we stayed in the country and visited both small towns and Florence:

Panorama of Florence

The Tuscany countryside

A photo of Tuscany

Sabe wine tasting

San Gimignano in Tuscany at dusk

Sara Ogiony posing like David in Florence

Peter Carpi and Sara Ogiony in Florence

Panorama of Tuscany

Tuscany landscape at dusk

Peter Carpi with a 5DMKII

Finally, we drove from Tuscany down to Rome where we spent our final two days:

A kiss under the Coliseum

Sara Ogiony and Peter Carpi at the Roman forum excavation site

IMG_7946_47_48_49_50_51 E

Peter Carpi looking Roman in his Caesar cut and beard

A statue overlooking Rome from the South

Photo of the Pantheon

Sara Ogiony at the Roman Forum

The Roman Coliseum in HDR

Vatican City from a distance

The Columns of St. Peter's Square in Vatican City

The front of St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Panorama of St. Peter's Square

One more of St. Peter's Square, the fountain and obelisk

Curious Sara Ogiony in Saint Peter's Basilica

They don't allow pictures of the Sistine Chapel. Oops. Too late.
Inside the Sistine Chapel (about the size of a big living room)

Panoramic of the inside of Vatican City from the Apostolic Library

~Best of| Venice | Carpi ~
~ Tuscany & Florence ~
~ Rome | Wraparounds ~

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October 21st, 2009

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