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Links to some recent trips and events from 2010:

Wiebe's surprise 50th birthday party at a castle outside Amsterdam:

Hans's birthday party in October in Holland:

Patty Ogiony's 60th surprise party:

Aunt Dorothy's 90th and Scott and Leigh's Labor Day 2010 party:

Hawaii 2010 trip where Sara and I got engaged on Oahu:

Ding & Kris Wedding Prep (will try to get wedding photos up too):

Cornhole on the Commons:

Links to trips and events from 2009:

Halloween at Sara's:

MDI 2009

Ptown housewarming for Hans and Wiebe

4th of July frisbee on the commons

NASCAR - Lenox 301

Christian & Heather's wedding in Bretton Woods

My 30th surprise party - thanks Sara

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October 10th, 2010

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