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The following photos are from a 2011 trip to Southern France I took with
my fiancee, Sara Ogiony, brother, Jamie, our sister's family,
Billy & Sherry, our father, Rootbeer and Joyce, and our brother Stefan and his daughter Lindsey.

Above are links to previous trips we've taken to southern France.

This year Sara and I spent most of our days at the pool trying to avoid
long drives to the surrounding towns, but we did make it to Aix, Marseille,
and Isle sur la Sorgue.

Rootbeer is my father

Rootbeer on the computer with Biggie

Billy is married to Sherry, who is Chris's sister.  Chris is my sister Jen's husband.  That makes Billy and me... nothing.

My brother and Tai

We were fortunate to have Yusef and LiLou cook dinners for us.

Yusef preparing dinner

Biggie got tagged with Sabe's hat.

Biggie got tagged with Sabe's hat

He doesn't like girls hats.

Biggie doesn't like girls hats

Hef is Stefan. Stefan is married to my sister Lisa.

Man playing with his wee camera

Lindsey is Stefan and Lisa's daughter.

Lindsey by the pool

Rootbeer with his grand daughter.

Man with his grand daughter

Peter Carpi by the pool. I am Peter. Peter is me.

Peter Carpi by the pool

Jambo and Tai.

couple by the pool

Couple in Provence, France

How embarrasing

The modern Ken and Barbie

Biggie playing with the iPad by the pool.

Child playing with iPad by the pool

Lindsey, Zeke, who is my sister Jen, and Hef.

Group at the pool

Biggie likes fruit drinks.

Child with fruitstache

Hef still playing with his wee camera.

Man and his little camera

Billy is a story teller.

Man telling funny story

Rootbeer enjoying a story.

Older man lounging with wine

The punchline. Not surprisingly, Billy is an actor.

Delivering the punchline

Biggie and his twin Sophie playing nice.

Twins playing

I think Lindsey looks like a young Jennifer Aniston.

Young Jennifer Aniston

Billy's comedy doesn't stop.

Billy Buell making it happen

He even gets Dorothy.

Dorothy cracking up

Give the kid a modeling job.

Boy model

How could you say no?

Smiling child

Yusef with a birthday cake for Sherry.

Birthday cake presented

For me?

Cutting the cake

Heir Pasha and Zeke.

Happy parents

Happy parents.

Happy parents

Tai and Jamie.

Couple at dinner

The twins playing on one of the Boule courts.

Kids playing boule

Billy Buell playing boule.

Thats how you boule

Chris and Big.

Father and son at dinner table

Sabe at dinner.

Dinner outside with wine

Sabe amidst the lavender.

Jen and Chris


Bill Buell in Provence

Couple at dinner with wine glass



The boys playing boule at dusk. See the jack in the foreground?

Boys playing boule at dusk

Somebody's closer.

closest to the jack

Now Sabe steps in

Sabe steps into the boule game

So close Chris has to measure

Measuring in boule

Rootbeer going to dinner with the gals

Going to dinner with the gals

Bud Bud, or just Jen





Stefan Gorsch

Jen and Colin Sr

Father with daughter

Dads. For Dads Rootbeer.

Colin Carpi Sr.

The view from dinner one night

What it looks like in Provence

A few more of Dads and Bud Bud

Jen and Dads

Jen and Dads

Here is another father and daughter team

Chris and Haley

I forgot to fix the exposure of the sky in these photos. Oh well.

Father walking with daughter

Father walking with daughter

Father walking with daughter

Rootbeer at Dinner.

Rootbeer at Dinner

Lindsey in her glam pose.

Glam pose

Meanwhile, back at the house... Our main pool looked up at the town of Viens.

Viens in Provence, France

Sara loved all the natural herbs

Surpised at the natural herbs

Lavender was everywhere, so were the snails.

French lavender with snails

I'll finish off with some shots of the house from the turnaround

French house

French house

French house near Viens

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July 6th, 2011
2011 Peter W. Carpi. 
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