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Sara Ogiony Carpi and Peter Carpi were married on September 10th, 2011.
This page is dedicated to that wedding, with a link to the honeymoon.

The wedding took place in Newtown Square, Pennsylvannia.

Farm in Newtown Square, Pa

Sara's mother Patty grew most of the flowers

Makeup for the bride, done by Veronica

Sara with Wills Ladd

Sara with Ryley Ladd

Sara's younger sisters, Jessica and Alyssa

Sara and Christopher

The bride getting ready in her Vera Wang dress



Ding, Sabe, and Juice

Ding, Moe and Juice before the wedding

Colin Carpi Jr and Colin Carpi Sr

James and Tai

The kids

The kids with Grandy


Peter and Colin Carpi, brothers

The twins

James with Reverend Doctor Christopher

Lindsay Gorsch and Ruthanne Carpi

My brothers, James, David, Peter and Colin

Parents with the groom, Colin, Peter, and Ruthanne

Colin and Ruthanne Carpi

Colin and Peter Carpi

Brothers Clive and Colin Carpi

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Sherry and Sophie

Sophie and Sherry

Beth and Ruthanne Carpi

Peter Carpi and Biggie

Ruthanne Carpi with brothers David and George

David and Susan

before the wedding

The groom before the ceremony

Peter Carpi before getting married

Reverend Doctor Christopher Charles

Coyle Brothers Music played for the ceremony

Coyle Brothers Music

The wedding ceremony begins

Peter's mom and dad, Ruthanne and Colin

Also known as Rootbeer and Grandi

The flower girls

The flower girls

Junior bridesmaid and groomsman

The ring bearer, Biggie

My father and Mara

My father and Mara

My brother and Alyssa

The bride approaches

Sara and Peter getting maried

couple holding hands

we're married!

The extended families

The bride and groom with the bride's parents

The bride and groom with their hosts

Bride and groom on their wedding day

Father and daughter

Bridesmaids speech

Ruthanne and Colin Carpi

My second oldest brother

My brother in law

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December 18th, 2011

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