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~The Equipment~


My first digital camera was the Canon Digital Rebel, or EOS 300D. 
I bought this camera not long after it was introduced, around the end of 2003.
The black framed tree and hills shot in the gallery was taken on my first exploration
with the Rebel. The shot of Valley Forge later in the gallery followed not long after.  
EOS 300D



Back in mid 2005 I sold my 300D and switched to a Canon EOS 20D.
I have stayed with Canon because they have done an exceptional job with
both lenses and processors.  Their latest processor, the Digic II was 
the main reason for my upgrade.  As you can see from the gallery,
most of my pictures are of landscapes and many require long exposures.
The new processor is excellent at reducing noise from high ISO shots.
The upgraded Rebel also has the same processor, but the body is uncomfortable
and seemed to be less durable. The 20D has been a workhorse. Its body is
rugged and handles great in all weather and evironments I have taken it.



I recently sold my 20D and switched to a full frame Canon EOS 5D.
I haven't had much time with the new body yet so I will have to post
when I have more experience.

The last camera comment was almost two years ago in April 2007. I have to say, the 5D has
been stellar. So was the 20D, for that matter. The 5D was my first full frame camera, so I
no longer had the 1.6x magnification, which results from smaller sensor size. This means
wider angled shots for the same lenses and less reach for the same lenses. It also mean more
space between pixels given the same total pixels between the two sensors. The benefit of
more space is less noise. I never noticed much noise on the 20D but I also never pushed
it much in low light situations, prefering to take longer exposures. I pushed the 5D and
compared to film it produces very little noise. Overall, both the 20D and the 5D were well
worth the money and I could still be using either or both today and be happy - in fact, I
still am using the 5D. However, I, like most boys, like toys, so I've upgraded yet again.
This time it's to the latest 5D - the 5D MK2. Haven't used it much yet, but it has high
definition video which is breathe taking when shot properly, but difficult to shoot due to
lack of manual controls, except for focus which is only manual. I can't seem to find spare
batteries for it yet, so the grip is only half full. I'm planning a trip shortly to
Africa and have not decided on which body, the 5D or 5D MK2, to take. I'll be sure to post
the photos and hopefully videos soon after the trip so look for examples of what the new
model can do.

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January 23rd, 2009

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