Gateway Coalition
97-98 Robotic Arm team

Participants from Penn:

Associate Professor Vijay Kumar
Graduate Student Thomas G. Sugar
Researcher Peter Carpi
Researcher Darnel Degand
Prof. Vijay Kumar
Thomas G. Sugar
Peter W. Carpi
Darnel Degand
Darnel and I work for Professor Kumar, under the guidance of graduate student Tom Sugar. Together Darnel and I have created detailed designs for a robotic arm-type manipulator to assist handicapped people in daily activity. We do most of our work at the General Robotics and Active Sensory Perseption(GRASP) Lab at 3401C walnut street or in the General Motors Lab in Towne building.

Originally designed for mounting on a wheelchair, the first arm the previous years Gateway Coalition project was designed and built as a concurrent engineering project with shared responsibilities between five schools:
1. University of Pennsylvania
2. Drexel
3. Ohio State University
4. Cooper Union
5. New Jersey Institute of Technology
Penn has set aside time on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30pm for video conferencing with other schools in the project.

Currently, Darnel and I are continuing our work on our privately(Professor Kumar) funded arm as well as participating in this years Gateway Coalition Project, which will again be an arm type manipulator. Since we have designed our private arm to be an improvement over last years Gateway arm, we are hoping that this year our design will be selected as the best design for the Gateway arm. In any case, our arm prototype will be hopefully completed by the end of the semester.

See our Phase 1 report.